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The Great Debate

This goes for you Xbox v Playstation and Android v iPhone warriors, too.

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  • Väinö

    Linux, Nintendo, Nokia all the way!

    • Essiw

      nice one

    • ciny

      yeah except if you need to do professional graphics or professional audio. then you’re fucked on linux….

      • persti

        but what if you don’t need to do professional anything; what if you were just anybody?

        • Johanna

          somebody needs to stand up for the anybody.

        • Robert Trance

          Anybody doesn’t use linux…Anybody does not want shit…

  • Helix

    Clearly Windows is the winner because it has all the games and won’t break if
    you’re not an idiot. More importantly, MAC is much more expensive and
    proprietary, which means it is only compatible with equipment made by Apple, which means they can charge much more for parts and accessories.

    • Essiw

      I think you missed the point of this comic

      • Helix

        I didn’t miss it, I just disagree.

        • Laura Muncy

          I pointlessly disagree with your pointless disagreeing about the comics point that disagreements (about this subject) are pointless ಠ_ಠ

          • Fish.


          • Helix

            I disagree with your point that my point about disagreement not being pointless is pointless.

          • fu** you really are imposible hahhaha and funny

  • Ubuntu4Ever

    Or you could run Linux and have it not be expensive, not get malware, and probably play most games. However, you do have to be willing to “get your hands dirty” and not be a afraid of computers. In other words, if you aren’t a stupid, lazy, technophobe then Linux is for you.

    • Essiw

      You missed the point of this comic. Also you are forgetting that people like different things, I for one like how OSX looks and does things, that does not mean I am lazy.

    • If you had ended your comment at ‘you have to be willing to get your hands dirty’, I would have entirely agreed with you. This is a very reasonable argument. It’s unfortunate that you had to ruin it by throwing around the ‘stupid, lazy, technophobe’ part.

      Different people want different levels of involvement with their computer and, although such people exist, this does not make them stupid or technophobic. :/

  • Jess

    Macs for mobile, PC for desktops. Linux for life.

  • Jay Jk

    Isnt it ironic how all these comments are arguing about the exact subject that this comic is about.

    • Helix

      It’s a legitimate argument which is very important to people who use computers on a regular basis.

      • Essiw

        It is a legitimate argument, yes. But it is a pointless argument because either side will not give in, resulting only in more fights.

      • As someone who does use computers on a regular basis and has many friends who do as well at various technical levels, I really do disagree.

        There is legitimate discussion to be had about which operating systems best serve certain tasks, the strengths and limitations of each, etc. but at the end of the day different consumers have different needs. A hardcore gamer has entirely different list of requirements from the soccer mom who just wants to browse Facebook and Amazon. An IT professional is going to want something entirely different from a graphic designer or video editor.

        When you start resorting to throwing around implications that people who use x, y, or z OS are ‘stupid’ (or ‘lazy’ and ‘technophobic’ as another commenter mentioned), this is not a legitimate argument. It’s just pointless and reductive.

        I am at current a Mac user. I was a Windows user. I’m not much a fan of Linux from what I’ve dabbled in. I am competent enough to get by on any of these operating systems but I have made my choice based on what best fits my needs. I am certainly very capable of running a Windows or Linux based machine properly, but I do not want that level of involvement with my computer (particularly where Linux is concerned). Other people do. That’s fine.

        I don’t care in the slightest what anyone else has chosen to use as their operating system and I don’t know why people should be so quick to get fired up about it. Use what works for you and be done with it.

        • Helix

          I guess if you’re comfortable paying much more for less processing power and compatibility, it’s fine by me.

          • Timerider

            You know that’s a myth, right?

          • Helix

            Just because you can write an article doesn’t mean Apple is in any way superior.

          • RadicalElation

            Ah, yes, an opinion piece should always be taken as fact.

          • Timerider

            Like these comments.

          • RadicalElation

            And that’s absolutely true. No comments here have had absolute fact, just opinion.

            It’s easy enough to say, “Well, you don’t get as much power for the price you pay”, but where’s the proof of it and, more importantly, and as pointed out by that piece, is there an actual price and performance ratio that can determine true value, especially considering the difference in apps and usability, and accessibility depending on the user? That can’t really be quantified, so there’s really no reason to debate it.

            When it comes down to it, the best way I can justify disliking Apple is in how they conduct business. Microsoft is better, and many PC hardware manufacturers as well, but marginally. In the end, it means nothing about which of their products are better, so why debate that? I don’t buy Apple because I don’t support their business practices.

            I could not care less about the difference in products themselves… makes no sense…

            Ironically, I’m currently typing this on a Macbook, though it was given to me by my mother after she purchased a new Air. I didn’t buy it, so I’m not supporting them, so whatever. On the flip side of that train of thought, I once had a roommate who disliked Microsoft in the console realm to the point that he won a free Xbox 360 and smashed it after. Dude had a crappy part-time, minimum-wage job, could rarely afford to eat much more than generic boxed mac & cheese, and rather than selling the system, or giving it away even, he opted to destroy it out of spite for a company that wouldn’t even care.

            Not only that, he was a PC gamer first and foremost, so he fully supported Microsoft over anything else when it came to computers.

            Totally irrational mindset and something that I just cannot understand…

          • Business Owner

            That’s not why anyone buys a Mac.

            A Rolls-Royce costs more than a Ferrari but has lower horsepower and less cornering ability.

            But people don’t buy Rolls-Royce for horsepower and cornering ability. They buy it for comfort, ease, and luxury.

            Different machines cater to different niches, and yelling at one niche that they’re fools for not joining the other niche just sounds like you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and not a lot of market awareness.

            Read this for a better grasp of market economies and consumer differentiation:


            (for the record – I used Windows from the early 1990s through 2011. I’ve been using Mac since then after I was practically forced into it. Hated it the first month; after that, I would never go back to Windows. Mac’s faster, cleaner, more navigable interface, intuitive design, and super efficient speed and filing system makes things WAY easier on me running a business off my machine than Windows’ comparatively slower and clunkier setup – even on a specced out $3000 PC laptop like my old standard always used to be)

          • Robert Trance

            It must be fine for you as you couldn’t do shit about to change that for him!

        • RadicalElation

          My biggest issue with one particular person when it comes to this argument is that my mother continues to buy Apple products.

          All she does is write and surf the web. A lower-end laptop will do just that, but she wants Apple. Sure, if that’s what really floats her boat for her use, fine.

          But if you know her, it’s incredibly infuriating. She’s one of those near-radical liberals who is very much against big business and corporations, who treat employees terribly, roll over competition using their money and lawyers, and consistently treats their consumer-base like mindless idiots.

          She refuses to see that Apple is just another one of those companies. When the same practices of other companies could potentially affect her negatively, she’ll take up arms against them, but not her beloved Apple.

          It’s the only instance when discussing Apple v. Others when I’m passionate about it. People have their preferences, that’s fine by me, but don’t be goddamn hypocrite about it…

    • Aficionado

      Wow…. it’s even stranger that the people commenting on your post are now arguing about it even after you pointed it out. I guess tiny, little worldviews aren’t expanded quite so readily, hmmm? LOL!

  • Commander Fresh

    iOS is the best desktop operating system.

  • R0ry

    Why not both? :v

  • Alighierian

    whether mac or windows is better?
    Whichever you grew up with, are more comfortable with, or simply suits your requirements better.

    not exactly rocket science to me… but I’ve seem people bicker over sillier things, so it doesn’t really surprise me anymore.

    personally I’ve used windows since forever, but at school the computers are macs. I can work with them. Do I like them? Not all that much, but that’s purely because mac tends to work in a slightly different way than windows.
    And if you’re not used to it, that can be somewhat annoying.

  • ransoshadofire

    Did you make the painting in the background yourself or was it just something from the internet?

    • I made the painting myself. It was just making a bunch of geometric shapes randomly, really 😛

  • Zardbooster

    I like Mike

  • Saner than Thou.

    Only reason that I can think of for having a Windows machine is the games. Everything else is Mac work. Hell, I have two computers. One iMac, for general internet surfing and work, and the Windows, which stays the fuck off the internet browsers and is a game-slave.

  • TheNoobyNinjaHD

    Windows/ Sony/ Android for me. Tbh, I really don’t see the point in getting all butthurt over it though

  • Erohiel

    It’s more about what you’re looking to get out of your computer/game system/phone. People also don’t seem to realize that it’s possible to own more than ONE of these things. I know tons of people who own XBox AND Playstation at the same time. My sister has a PC and a Mac. I like Android for the customization, but my mom has literally no use for such things and is better off using the very straight-forward iphone.

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