Happy Jar | The Creative Process
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The Creative Process

Case in point: this comic.

That and everything else I’ve ever done.

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  • Zoink foo

    Every artist goes through that at some point. Used to bang my head on the desk when I wasn’t sure my drawings were ‘up to par’, only until I upload them or ask for others to see, I get the “Wow you’re an amazing artist” :].

  • Miluk

    Wasn’t this also about that one? 😉

  • kissa

    Though sometimes you really succeed and are really proud of your creation.

    • Wesley Hatin

      No one’s saying you don’t. There just happens to be a lot of doubt in there too. Papers can be perfect, art can be amazing, but I will never lose that feeling of “something’s-missing-what-is-it-oh-god.”

  • Laura Muncy

    Ugh those feels. I know those feels.

  • Grimord Das Couves

    Heh, I understand that.. When I was young and naive and thought I could be a rockstar I’d always feel like that about the stuff I composed… Guess I was right, though. Also had an idea for a little youtube series based on random ideas I had, even made and renderes an entire first episode of about 15 minutes but then I entered the self-loathing phase and just lost any courage to publish it! :d

  • specialEDpenguin

    Every. God. Damn. Time.

  • neocow

    I just skip to step 3

  • strawdog

    I like the way that the curtains look like a creepy cell window with bars

  • DarkEthereal2040 .

    Guys, I think I’ve lost step 2. Has anyone seen my step 2 anywhere?

  • Erohiel

    Step one never happens anymore. :C

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