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That Game Last Night

Back from my holiday and back on that saddle. Let’s do this.

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  • Pölmjörnt Högkvist

    That guy is my dad at the dinner table.

  • Overand

    I’ve never actually had this happen. Generally, when I say I’m not into sports, people shut up.

    • You’re a luckier man than I.
      I used to work customer service in a place where, for whatever reason, this was a commonplace occurrence between myself and other customers.

  • Rayven Hitt

    Although I agree that people shouldn’t bother you if you indeed don’t have any interest, one thing remains to be asked: How can you not be interested in sports in the first place?!


    • Adam Roger Kearley

      Cuz I’m not a monkey who has a blast watching other monkeys throw their own poop around.

    • Timerider

      How can you be?

  • hilstad

    I had a repairman in once to work on my dishwasher. He kept bringing up different sports to me as I just repeated that I didn’t watch organized sports. He just kept doing it until I finally left the room.

    …and to answer your question: yes, it did take me years to figure out that he was just trying to get me out of the room so he could work in peace. Clever bastard.

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