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So this is what it’s like to feel old.

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  • Yuri Lima

    snap back to reality

  • actually, it doesn’t delete the photo. We had a cop in the cyber crimes department inform all the parents of what is going on online. Snapchat can’t delete things from your computer or phone. What it does is change the name and hide it on your computer, so it’s not so easy to find. Unless, of course, you know how to search for recently added photos.
    Yeah, it’s a terrible program.

    • Haha, wow. It’s even more terrible than I thought. Thanks for the info

    • Benny Mackney

      False. It stores it in a hidden folder until you access it, then it deletes the file (which is still potentially recoverable using storage analysis forensics).

      Also, snapchat doesn’t use PCs, so why that even entered into the conversation is confusing me, and a big red flag that whoever’s telling you this shit is a bloody moron.

      • I’m not an expert, but the cop who talked to us is. He told us that the files were still very easy to access.
        And a 3-second google search reveals that, yes, it is available for PC.

        So who is the bloody moron here?

        • Why must my comics only tear people apart?

        • prototheos

          But deleted photos are also easy to access. When you delete a photo from your computer it doesn’t reset the storage space where it was kept, it just stops it from being generally accessible by not recognizing the information as a photo. It only actually disappears when you store something else in the same space the old photo was kept.

  • Benny Mackney

    I just like Snapchat because it lets people send stupid photos to each other without filling up our phones with shit.

    • Fair enough, though Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct and others also don’t fill your phones up with shit when you receive photos.

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