Happy Jar | Shellfish
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And they’re trimming their beards. I mean, come on. This is basic.

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  • Rayven Hitt

    Aww, all lobster-like beings are awesome.

    And so are crabs.

    And spiders.

    And scorpions.

    O.K., that appreciation may be a bit niche.

    • Dr.Starky

      All those animals you listed deserve mad respect and there is nothing weird about liking them at all.

    • RandomAnon

      Are you kidding? Scorpions are badass. So are spiders, once you learn how to deal with that instinctive reaction of mortal terror when you look at their eyes, legs, and mandibles. . .

  • joe

    ummm, why is god holding the binoculars backwards?

    • There’s no wrong way to hold binoculars in heaven.

      • Beorklai

        That’s why it’s heaven.

  • Myrdin92

    I dont get it. Does God love shellfish because he has one as a pet, or does He hate them? because his face on the last panel looks really disgusted.

  • nope

    Dad, don’t be so shellfish, please

  • cRescRC


  • hilstad

    Yup, either everything in Leviticus is a rule, or none of it is. You don’t get to pick and chose, folks.

  • We live in wonderful times! We can safely eat pork, lobster, octopus and other creatures that would cause severe health problems to people of the past!

    It’s easy to forget how recent are the scientific advances that made it possible. It’s easy to forget how difficult it was to survive in Biblical times.

  • Erohiel

    I don’t understand the comic…but comic aside, the real reason for the food laws was parasites and other health concerns. Shellfish and pork and other animals were, back then, difficult to cook well enough to remove the dangers. Though even to this day, despite modern cooking techniques, they still fail fairly often to properly cook shellfish. I’ve known way too many people who have gotten sick from eating shellfish.

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