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Do yourself a favour and just use Amazon, kids. C’mon.

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  • KGB

    Won’t help if they want to show you something on Amazon… Just use private/incognito mode, kids. Even better: Get a VPN/SSH-Account or use TOR, then your ISP (or geek controlling the router) won’t know either.

    • Yeah, but if you do that Amazon won’t know how to recommend you new and exciting butt-related items. :/

    • Kissa

      Incognito mode, sure if it’s a library computer. But if it’s your private computer, you might not expect others to suddenly start searching stuff on it.

      • Overand

        Yeah, unless you have, you know… friends.

    • Elsa

      kids, KIDS! using TOR on regular sites not only doesn’t protect you, but it uncovers you as a TOR user.

  • Connor

    Should have suspected when he started using Apple products

    • Applefolk know how to party.

  • The Eggman

    That is a crapload of unread emails…

    • Taiga

      That would bother me more than butt plugs; that and the 1 unread on Facebook.

  • Andrew

    Oh my god the emails
    He needs to reply to his friend Jean Valjean

  • Guest

    This is why I learned how to disable auto-complete at a very young age. For bulk butt plugs, in particular.

  • Sweens

    Ugh, story of my life…I have such a hard time keeping up with my emails…

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