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Don’t worry kids, your mother’s just being a real Virgo right now.

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  • XDDD I must admit that, if I was dating someone superstitious, it would be rather difficult for me.

    -Sorry if my phrasing or orthography is not correct; I’m not a native english speaker/writer xD –

    • No need to worry. Most native English speakers couldn’t tell you what orthography means anyway. 😉

      • Tomas Beno

        The word Mason! What does it MEAN!

  • Helix

    The irony is that they’re religious…or just like referencing Jesus a lot.

    • Nailik

      A lot of people who aren’t religious use those terms. I never went to church in my life and was raised to just live without a faith and I say “Oh God” and “Jesus Christ” as an exclamation all the time.

  • Pia

    “It’s OK, You didn’t know”
    Frickin hill-hairy-arse!

    (One of your best, Tom)

  • Fennec Besixdouze

    Yeahhhh, women don’t really ever try to talk each other out of divorce.

    • That’s what you find unrealistic about this situation?

    • Erohiel

      I encouraged my sister to stay with her husband and never once advised her to divorce him. He’s a total fucking douchebag sometimes and would totally deserve it, but I know their problems can be worked out.

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