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I really don’t understand how the internet hasn’t caught on with the elderly yet.
What other time in your life is more suited to wasting away hours on Wikipedia and pictures of naked ladies?

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  • You need to spend more time by the public computers at your library. Some of them have found out. Boy, have they.

  • RRL

    Heh, I came up from behind and passed by an old man in a public library in Sweden. He was scrolling one of his e-mails, very slowly, deliberately appreciating every attached picture of an young asian girl, semi-nude ofc. One could tell that he really enjoyed sitting there watching as well ass being watched.

  • Kat

    My mom has found the internet in her old age. I once left my youtube logged into her computer. My recommended videos are so messed up now. Never again.

  • Erohiel

    My parents are old and my mom uses the internet almost as much as I do (albeit for much more mundane things), and my dad watches political youtube shit and reads email…but for the most part he’s also totally computer illiterate, which is probably the reason most old people don’t touch it.
    Despite multiple attempts to explain it to him, he still doesn’t understand that multiple people can access multiple accounts on the same website on the same computer. He thinks his email is exclusively found on his computer, and that if anyone has their own account signed into a webpage, they essentially OWN the site on that specific computer and can’t comprehend that he can sign them out and sign himself in.

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