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  • Thoroughly love this one!

  • klovax

    Beautiful. Introverts unite! Or rather, maybe we should just stick to ourselves…

  • flamsterette

    Love it!

  • Michelle B

    Still a favourite of mine. Nice touch with the Robin btw 😉

  • Roppon

    perfectly said.

  • cth8

    That is me to the "T". Love this one!

  • ellie

    wow this is me entirely

  • I love this!

  • NoirChartreux

    This post brought me to this comic. Just great 😀

  • Thornbrier

    I really enjoy parties, every once and a while, as long as it's not too long, and I'm with at least one person I already care about, and they don't abandon me before I've found someone I can talk with. Alone, I can be alone any time for a long long time any time. Even if I don't have my computer I have my thoughts.

  • Jeremiah Fargo

    I understand this comic strip so very well. Thank you for creating this; it is beautiful and true to my life.

  • Dith

    Lovely. Thanks. 🙂

  • Jelly Guy

    I wish I could lay back on a bush like that…usually they just poke me with pointy things…

  • WV

    This one really makes me happy.

  • Meli.M

    I would easily be able to live in the depths of nature’s grasp. Don’t let go nature, I want to stay here forever.

  • Atheist_Fruitcake

    I like the message here. I am probably digging too deep into it, but I feel like it is just saying that sometimes all you really need is a little peace.

  • zohia

    lovely. (and nice touch with the beatles poster)

  • Miluk

    (Silence) …

  • Sid x

    Tell me about it. Time spent alone and chilling is not time wasted.

  • Sonny

    story of my life ^_^

  • Erohiel

    Epic <3 There needs to be more untouched woodland for people to spend relaxing moments in.

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