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I’ve been beginning to feel very stifled by the stick figure aesthetic of Happy Jar as of late. It’s been a part of the comic since its inception as I was, at the time, mimicking the style that my friend and co-writer drew in.

I’ve tried to pretty it up and make it work as best I can over time, but I still find there are some strips that I just don’t feel are best serviced by the style. More than that, I’m bored with it. I don’t look forward to drawing in it.

I feel as though this new style offers a happy medium between keeping elements of the old aesthetic whilst allowing me to do just that little bit more. I’d be curious to hear what you all think and whether you consider this a step in the right direction or prefer the old look of things.

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  • Alighierian

    personally I think it’s mainly the white bodies which allows for the random / awkward emotions so well, but I’d say work with the style which suits you best.
    If you don’t enjoy drawing these comics and it becomes a chore, that’d be annoying, would it not?

  • Vunar

    The Business Cat style is good imo. Why ask people what they think ? Just draw what you feel most comfortable. There always will be someone to read. For example Me.

  • jenniebeme

    Looks good to me, but more importantly if you are happier drawing in this style you’ll feel motivated to keep making comics! Yay!

  • Grimdork

    If you want to make the style of the comic go in new and inventive ways to keep it from being boring for you to draw, go right ahead. I think it opens up a potential for a lot of new jokes, too. As long as you’re happy with it, I’m happy to read it c:

    • Emily Donovan

      Now let’s take all that happy and put it in a jar…:-)

  • Helix

    Let this comic be a warning to all who create tasteless selfies.

  • Showman

    Very much doubt this would upset anyone. You have our blessing! 😀

  • Joe Ray

    I didn’t even notice until I read your thoughts on it. It’s your writing style that I like. Sure, it’s dark sometimes but it’s great anyway. You’re doing a great job and it’s good you’re keeping it interesting for you too.

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