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Pay Rise

And there’s plenty more where that came from. You play your cards right and you could be earning a sparrow a fortnight.

  • Kissa

    I wonder what the exchange rate is for dead birds.

    • name

      the exchange rate of dead birds is as follows from what i have gotten from cat watching. one dead bead is worth two dead rats. two dead rats is worth 50 bits of dried food or so. and 50 bits of dried food is worth a bunch of toys. vbut two dead bird is worth some fresh catnip. damn druggies cats.

  • Rochelle

    I'm stuck in a loop of realizing how great this moment is, for so many different reasons.

  • Shane

    This… This is possibly the best thing ever.

  • SeliniTallaCoreeta

    Business cat's the best.

  • Casey

    I cannot express how much I love business cat comics.

  • Horace

    I actually really dislike business cat. Please stop.

    • This is my new favourite comment.

    • Dennis Marshall

      I actually really like Business Cat. Please make more!

    • RodeoTurtle

      I really like cats. Please cats.

  • I've been reading web comics for six years, how come I haven't come across this gem before!?!??! Keep up the good work, cheers!

  • meowmeow

    There needs to be a whole micro series on The adventures of business cat. The best thing I've read

  • Olivia

    Please continue with business cat! Its hilarious!

  • neocow

    actually they “give gifts” cause they think you are inept at hunting and are afraid you will starve to death.

    its cause they care.

  • oldepoetry

    This flightless thing that rests atop
    Mine oaken desk, whence hither comes?
    It reeks of death, and yet, a drop
    In life’s grand play of petty sums.
    I, looking down, consider this
    Poor, wretched thing, when from the hall:
    “You’ve earned it,” came the feline hiss,
    “‘Tis thine; do mount it on thy wall.”