Happy Jar | Linearity
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I’m not sure when exactly linearity came to be the supposed mark of bad storytelling in video games…

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  • specialEDpenguin

    Oh my God, this joke is so linear!

    • Roto13

      Speak for yourself, I read the panels from 3rd to 1st.

      • SanDimas1988

        That’s still linear…

  • Tastentier

    There are action-packed linear games, such as the good old 2D platform games and shooters of the 1980s, and then there are downright interactive movies where the player (read: observer) has to sit through lengthy video sequences and gets to press a few buttons every now and then, without ever getting the feeling of having accomplished something that required any skill. The latter can indeed feel like reading a book or watching a badly animated Hollywood flick. And sadly, most modern day games follow this formula, which I personally find a little bland.

  • Phoenix

    When you have an interactive medium, I assumed that giving more than “Walk this line from point A to point B with no optional areas between” would be considered “Bad”, Tom.

    Not sure how OoT factors into this, since there are so many side quests. Or Moby Dick, since we’re out of medium now.

  • jholowka

    Given the choice I’d much rather play a linear game than a non-linear one. There are a few non-linears I enjoy such as Mass Effect and Borderlands, but overall straight forward games I find way more entertaining.

    Maybe I’m just lazy when it comes to gaming.

  • Taiga

    Sometime during this generation; good story-telling became “linear”, competitive players became “try-hard”, no life bacame “professional e-athlete” (oh wait, that’s a good thing). 🙂

  • Kyle Eaton

    *plays GTA5* ‘IT HAS A TOTAL LACK OF STORY!” 1 Star

  • Erohiel

    Only time I dislike linearity (is that a word? My spellcheck isn’t complaining, so I’mma go with it), in games is when the game touts itself as being one where you supposedly have a big impact on the outcome…or in FF13 where the majority of the game was literally running you down very narrow hallways which made me feel like I was going through a cattle shoot and felt like the overworld gameplay serves no purpose whatsoever, not even in helping to tell the story…it had it’s upsides, though.

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