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I’d love to know the thought process behind some of these likes.

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  • Väinö

    Sure it’s called a “like” but it’s a thumbs up for a funny/profound comment or for support… I just killed the joke, didn’t I?

    • Not at all. I genuinely never saw it that way until I received similar comments on this strip. I can’t say that it makes it look any less strange to me, but hey. The more you know.

      • endplanets

        From 1984 regarding Newspeak.
        People are having a harder and harder time expressing themselves.
        Also: people have fewer options to express themselves (withing facebook). All there is a like. No “thanks for posting” or “I like you”, just “like”.

        Also, like Vaino mentioned, it can be hard to explain the context. You see this alot on youtube when somebody posts a vid about something bad (Tsunami in X-Land). People are grateful that it was uploaded but don’t like the content (Tsunamis are bad) so the likes vs dislikes are wonky.

  • Transmit Him

    It is worryingly easy to accidentally “like” something while scrolling through Facebook mobile on a touchscreen phone now, I find.

  • ransoshadofire

    Love the little details you put in your work, like the guy who is posting a Gandhi quote.

  • McFishington

    Or that guy is just totally chill with cancer.

  • Nezi

    As my father was just diagnosed with cancer and my family’s last name is Higgins. I find this post mighty suspicious.

  • Guest

    Good guy Ruben Pracas, quoting Gandhi.

    • HOW

      How can you even read what he wrote? o_O

  • katja elisa

    and again (article about planecrash with 150 victims in France):

  • Erohiel

    I understand that it’s meant as ‘support’, but I still will never put a like on a bad post like this. It being called a ‘like’ and the big dumb thumbs up makes it feel really insensitive.

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