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In other news, sports guys kick ball better than other sports guys.

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  • Tony C

    To be fair to your comment:

    Q: What do Hunter S. Thompson, George Will, Damon Runyon, Ring Lardner and George Plimpton have in common?
    A: They all started as sports reporters.

    • Haha, looking over the comment again I can see how it's misleading. To be clear, I don't think sports reporters lack integrity like tabloid journalists… I just don't care about the sports headlines.

  • JPaulBeaubier

    How isn’t this comic one of the most shared?

  • I was going into journalism before I realized that this kind-of thing is how you get paid. Now a psych major.

  • Michelle Godkin List

    Many great sportswriters are simply great writers. I truly care nothing for sports, per se, but I love a good story.
    Some of the sportswriting by the writers named by Tony C. is exceptional and worth reading, regardless of your favored genres. Other great examples include Grantland Rice and Rick Reilly.

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