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But seriously, we all feel this way. Like, all the time. Constantly.


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  • Coyote

    Well, one might say I'm a bit bi-ased, but to me from an engineering standpoint, and an aesthetic one, the penis is a whole lot better designed. especially when well maintained and erect it seems almost a pillar of perfect natural design.

    • Well, they're certainly more fun to draw. My notebooks will attest to this fact.

    • Batman

      More like bi-assed! *badum tss*

  • Business Dog

    Are you me?

    • I didn't want to have to tell you this way, but yes.

  • Simon

    That's funny, because that's exactly how I felt before I realized I was gay x3

  • ElfPower

    From a straight female stand point, I kinda feel the same about vaginas.

  • Pythonate

    don't worry about it, one of the funniest men on the planet was a poofter. http://youtu.be/WlTjAJTapjc

  • Katey

    I’m a cishet female and I feel that way with breasts.
    Like I’m attracted to guys.
    But breasts are awesome.

  • Joel

    It’s totally okay to feel that way because some women do have penises and imo that shouldn’t hinder your attraction to them

  • Erohiel

    Yeah…I’m straight, but women are fucking hot. If I was a dude I’d totally be into that…but I’m definitely straight.

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