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Geordi La Forge would never have complained about e-readers.

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  • Josh

    there is something magical about reading off of fresh chopped down forest paper!

  • Sky
    • Thornbrier

      Woo, for once, a 'conclusive proof' youtube video that actually applies.

  • patti

    heh, I'll bet people acted the same way when they went from hand-written books to machine printing [and probably even from scrolls to bound pages]

  • Malcolm Hume

    Most people use both.

  • Helix

    There’s no glare on paper. Also, your book collection is less impressive if it takes up the same amount of space as a sandwich. Of course, it is nice to be able to take your entire library with you.

    • Anti-Theist_Fruitcake

      so from your standpoint. books are simply for the purpose of proving to other people you read, a lot. Shouldn’t books be purchased (whether in paper form or electronic form) for the purpose of enjoyment?

      • Helix

        Why can’t they do both?

        • Atheist_Fruitcake

          There is no reason they can’t do both, but having books simply for the purpose of showing them off; is narcissistic and frankly, I don’t want to be around a person like that.

          • Helix

            To be honest, I only own 8 books. I do pretty much all my reading with library books. By the way, you can’t loan out digital books unless you want to let someone borrow your tablet.

          • Erohiel

            Most people practice a level of narcissism and attention-seeking behavior in the form of status symbols. You very likely do it yourself, just not with books. Maybe your car, your house, or the way you make sure everyone knows you’re a gay atheist through your screen name.

  • alexianNightshade

    Hm…personally, I just find there’s something satisfying about holding a paperback book in my hands as opposed to holding a kindle or ipad or somesuch. Also, I have difficulty looking at computer screens for very long, and as I like to read a lot it’s annoying to me when I’m only a little ways into the book and my eyes start to hurt. But that’s just me–to each their own.

    • podian

      I’m answering a “little” late here, but the Kindle doesn’t use a LCD display, but an E-Ink. It doesn’t cause any more eye strain than a paper book.

  • Helix

    Libraries don’t loan out Ebooks and I’m certainly not going to ask my friends to buy every book I want to read just so they can let me borrow it.

    • Kerbal

      I don’t know what library you use, but my local library (in a city of 100,000) lends ebooks.

      • Helix

        Maybe I’m just old fashioned, but I like having a physical book rather than a collection of bits that can serve the same purpose. I really hate tablets…and cloud storage, but that’s unrelated.

        • Dodd

          I’m with you, Helix (three months later, but meh ^_^). That guy who was rambling about narcissists really seems to have missed the point.

          • Carlos Matthews Hernandez

            This discussion was fascinating.

            “Well, you can’t loan out e-books.”
            “Actually, yes you can.”
            “But the library doesn’t let you borrow e-books!”
            “Actually, yes it does.”
            “I JUST HATE E-BOOKS!”

          • Helix

            Pretty much.

  • Ron Denenea

    The caption just makes it more awesome because not only did Geordi LaForge have an electronic prosthetic for his eyes, he also was played by LeVar Burton the host of Reading Rainbow. (Yes I understand most of you already know this, this is for the 47%) ((lol))

  • Van’ya

    Both ways have advantages of their own, from my eco friendly point of view personally i loved using ebooks for a while. Using them meant i was saving paper which meant i was saving trees..and then i came to a conundrum…wood is a renewable resource so long as we use it correctly…how ever the minerals used to make the tablet are limited in the way that the amount of time it takes to replenish is much much longer then the rate at which we use it….but although its not renewable, as long as you take proper care of your tablet it should last you several years at least and be able to store many many books on it sooooooooooo………huh…..idek anymore…

    • Daniel Parnell

      The tablet can be recycled more efficiently, so there’s that.

  • I find it ironic that the comment section for this comic devolves into exactly the kind of book vs. e-reader argument that the strip seems to be making fun of.

  • ArceusFireForme

    I think both systems have their benefits. Books are satisfying to read and don’t do crap to your eyes like blue light on a lot of ereaders, but ereaders allow you to store a butt-ton of books in one place. I do fear that eventually there will be no more paper books.

    • podian

      If a device has a LCD screen it doesn’t deserve to be called an e-book reader. All the real e-readers, like Kindle, Nook or Pocketbook, use an E-Ink, which doesn’t damage your eyes.

  • Erohiel

    I much prefer books and find ereaders to be inconvenient and migraine-triggering….but that said, I don’t give a shit if someone else prefers them, just so long as physical books never stop being a thing.

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