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Drunken Warriors
Drunken Warriors

Something a bit different to tide me over until I get back from Iceland.
You can grab printable blank card templates here.

Edit: Go to drunken-warriors.com for more.

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  • Ambushbob

    I am printing this now and am going to be playing it this Saturday at game night.

    • Hey, right on. Hope you guys have as good a time with it as we have.
      Would be interested to hear back from you on how it went if you’d like to drop me a line here or via e-mail.

  • SomeoneReadingYourPage

    Can you add another template for Utility Cards? 🙂
    Would make me (and other inartistic people) happy. 😀

    • Sorry for the late reply, just got back from my holiday.

      The way I usually play with friends is to use the template provided for both creatures and utilities (leaving the attack/defense blank for utility cards). This way we don’t have to print twice as many cards and can have only one blank pickup deck as opposed to one for creatures and utilities.

      That being said, I’ve gone and added a separate utility card template to the original post for you. Enjoy!

  • humanimal

    Hey and thank you for that nice idea! It sounds really promising. On the one hand, it seems fun to create you own cards, on the other hand you have to have enough nice ideas to make enough cards. It would be great if people could post their card ideas, either for getting inspiration or using the best cards directy. Anyone got something to share?

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