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Personally, I’m going to be dressing as sexy Chewbacca this year.

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  • Emily Donovan

    I went as a Paratrooping Assassin 🙂 Complete with authentic Egyptian ceremonial knife after….heavily…modifying the original costume X-X so much for my dreams of mad science

  • Rayven Hitt

    Dressing sexy is fine, but not giving you a choice to *not* do so is bad.

    • Syzyf Syzyf

      There IS a choice. If women wanted to dress in a certain way, market would provide exactly that. Obviously, for a certain reasons, women in general preffer to dress slutty on halloween.

      • Erohiel

        No, not necessarily. The available options limit what women can dress like, thus creating an illusion that they wish to dress the only way they CAN dress. If they want to have a normal costume, they just buy the best-sized men’s costume they can, and the company never knows that it was a woman that bought it. Or they make their own costume…businesses rarely judge demand for a product by going out and actually seeing what people are doing…they just throw something out there and if enough people buy it, they assume that’s what they want.

  • Pokegeek151

    Isn’t that clerk the guy who died, like, two comics ago?

    • That’s the spooky part of this Halloween tale.

      • Guest

        What if the costume the girl first picked up was modeled after /his/ skeleton?

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