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But in actuality everyone will because I made a comic about it.

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  • This comic speaks to me on a spiritual level. I love it. Keep it up.

  • Momo



      • Kyon


        • I DON'T KNOW

          • RodeoTurtle


          • okjpg


  • happyjar fan

    your comics are the best, even if you sometimes go a bit too far… or especially because of that^^
    i would even say better than cyanide & happiness. keep up the great work!
    greets from nuremberg

  • DonkeyPunch

    I love that the guy from NUREMBERG thinks you go too far sometimes.

  • Milamber

    He can teleport a glass caught in his left hand to his right hand in mere moments? I’d say that’s way more cooler than his reflexes!

    • Nah, that’s just the regular old power of between panel action.

      • Milamber

        A magician isn’t to meant to reveal his tricks! That just removes the mystique 🙁

    • Lady

      “I don’t know how comics or art works and I’m going to point out every flaw I see in a snarky fashion because nit-picking shit makes me so clever.” <—every dickhead on the internet.

      • Milamber

        Flaw? Snarky fashion? Gosh, since you know the intentions or how sincere *I* am far better than I ever could you, and you got that JUST from what I wrote, you obviously have your own telepathic connection to my own brain so please, help me out and tell me what I feel like having for dinner tonight and save me the trouble of figuring it myself. Which I’m obviously utterly incompetent at doing when compared to yourself. Cheers.

        p.s so it’s absolutely clear this was 100% sarcasm aimed at your ridiculous reply.

        • Don’t make me come over there and have you two hug it out.

  • Erohiel

    Every time I do that I feel like some kind of superhero.

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