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Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas, folks.

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  • Umi

    I'm SO telling this to my kids. Thanks on such wonderful parenting tips.

    • You're very welcome.

      If they're anything like me they'll spend the next twenty years of their life thinking about death all night every all night. Do not be alarmed. This is normal.

  • Drew

    The atheist is strong with this one.

  • jeff

    Yet to laugh at one of these… Cyanide and Happiness way better

    • Rodney

      Thank you for your invaluable contribution.

  • Nerevarq

    Jesus exists but he was just a human

    • Thornbrier

      Depends what you mean by 'Jesus' existing. The version recorded in the bible has very little evidence to support his existence. But there were many wanna-be saviors at the time, and there were people with partial name matches among them. It is far more likely that the biblical account of 'his' works is a combination of events and stories compiled from several of them.

      • ABeagleKnots

        I’m trying to think of an historic figure of roughly that era who has been more documented, researched, and analyzed than Jesus. Who incidentally told everyone he was the Messiah, so either he was just that, or a madman, or a liar.

  • Biff

    What did you get for christmas billy?


  • Dylan McNaughton

    That was funny… because its a joke.

  • podian

    But it’s actually a sensible question. In many countries (including mine) kids get the presents “from Santa” at the 6th of December – the St. Nicholas’s Day.

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