Happy Jar | Children
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Look, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with children. I’m just saying that everything is worse with children.

But also, there’s a lot wrong with them.

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  • Mel

    hhahaha you are so awesome! Can I have your babies?

  • Kris

    The other day my friend was like – "My 16 month old said 'I love you mommy' for the first time! It would have been so much cuter tho if she hadnt said it right after puking on me…"

    Aaaannnddd one more reason why my uterus has a permanent 'No Vacancy' sign installed.

  • Marcos Perini

    Nice one! I totally agree with you. I wonder if you could draw another version of this with a male couple – it would be so updated nowadays.

  • Erohiel

    Having kids is a totally different type of happiness, but it definitely isn’t for everyone. I don’t think anyone who doesn’t want kids should be convinced to have one. They probably wouldn’t enjoy the concept and process of creating and raising your own human being and would therefore make lousy parents. My sister-in-law straight up admits she’s too selfish to sacrifice anything and isn’t willing to be neglectful to a kid either, so she just won’t have one, so kudos to her. I’m still trying to decide if I’m too selfish or not.

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