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Yahoo Answers has never steered me wrong before…

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  • Alighierian

    Ah, yes, a glass of brandy. I can’t see how this could -possibly- go wroooo- oh snap…

  • Emily Donovan

    How to get rid of hiccups according to yahoo answers:
    1. Suck on slime till your teeth turn green.
    2. Hold your oxygen in till your toes turn blue.
    3. Repeat the phrase “FUZZY BUNNIES” to yourself until the Elmer Fudd comes for you.

    • Emily Donovan

      Lime not slime I meant x-x autocorrect is a most proliferent evil.

      • Pandryl

        Time to eat some slime!!

    • Erohiel

      I have actually come up with my own way to get rid of hiccups. It REQUIRES the aid of another person though… You have to find a person and inform them of your hiccups. They then must ask you to prove it. You must then both wait while you attempt to hiccup LOUDLY for them…they MUST continue to pay attention, and you must wait and do nothing else while waiting for the hiccup. …The hiccup will never come. It’s never failed me and has worked for everyone I’ve ever had try it.

  • Erohiel

    Alcohol is helpful for colds as it dilates blood vessels to improve your immune response and even helps thin mucus and clear sinuses. It’s definitely not a cure though.

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