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Typos are well known for their ability to invalidate any and all opinions on the internet.

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  • alferdpacker


    • You've fallen right into my honey trap.

      • Poopfarts


        • RodeoTurtle

          I'm fairly certain it can be either honey pot or honey trap, ya' douche.

  • drrrt

    seriously though fuck these people.

  • Cerberus1616

    I apologise for being this person. It is a compulsion.

  • N_Y_Moss

    Yeah, they’re annoying, but no worse than people who haven’t mastered basic spelling and grammar. (I have hidden a mistake in here somewhere)

    • Richard Owen


    • madelyn

      where’s the period at the end of your last sentence? B) am i really cool guy now?

  • Erohiel

    It becomes extra funny when the person who is trying to invalidate your argument by pointing out your typo uses HORRIBLE grammar and spelling themselves.
    There was this one recent one on Youtube…the dude is telling some guy he’s not going to debase himself to even speak to someone who with poor grammar…but he used no capitals except in the word “I’ll” and no punctuation whatsoever (not even periods) except the apostrophe in “I’ll” and in two other incorrect place. His one sentence, which was my favorite…he says “step up you’re intelligent’s and then maybe I’ll address you”. Yes…not only did he use “you’re”…but he made a POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVE in place of the word ‘intelligence’.

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