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Mind Reader II

Every day another adventure.

Drunken Warriors Goes Solo

So a little while back I posted a set of rules here for ‘Drunken Warriors’, a drinking card game I made up with some friends four years ago. It’s a game we’ve always had a lot of fun with since then and I thought it might be a good way to bridge the gap between comic strip updates with something a little different for novelties sake.

I’ve since received e-mails from people who’ve taken to successfully running some games of their own with friends and others who are curious to see more. One of my favourite aspects of the game is that all the cards you use are created by the players themselves, resulting in a lot of laughs and diversity of content in every session.

Some folks have noted that it would be nice to have a place to share everyone’s in-game creations and to be able to draw inspiration from them for their own games. I thought that was a great idea and, frankly, I have a whole bunch of old cards lying around that I’d love to archive somewhere for sweet, sweet memories.

So as of today I’ll be launching drunken-warriors.com. I’ll have no set update schedule for adding new content to the archives, however if I had to hazard I guess, I think I could manage to get a new card up every weekday for those who would enjoy such a thing. You’ll also find a form available for sending me some of your own submissions which I’ll either illustrate for the site or leave as is, depending.

For those of you who find no part of this news appealing whatsoever (and I’m aware that’s the majority of you), fear not. This is the last news you’ll hear from me on through this page about it.


Hey guys, just letting you all know that as of tomorrow, I will have left for a two week holiday in Iceland.

What does this mean for the vast majority of you? Absolutely nothing. The comics will continue to update as normal while I’m away. What I can do is reveal the following; you’ll be getting two regular Happy Jar strips, two Business Cat strips, and a little something that is completely different from anything else on the site.

I probably won’t be responding to any e-mails while I’m away and prints will not be available on any of the new comics until I get back. Approval of Disqus comments may prove very slow depending on where I am.

Google+ users are likely to be the most affected by this as I can’t for the life of me find a way to automatically update posts there through WordPress. Happy Jar / Business Cat updates on Google+ will therefore either be late or non existent.

Thanks for the support from all who’ve donated recently or bought merchandise through the store. I really appreciate it.

I’ll be sifting through your comments, posts, and opinions again come June 14. Unless of course I fall off a waterfall and die or something, in which case somebody please look after my cat.

Business Cat Goes Solo

Love Business Cat? Hate everything else I do? You’re in luck.

To celebrate 2,000 Facebook page likes for Happy Jar, I am today launching a Business Cat exclusive satellite site which can be found at businesscat.happyjar.com. Business Cat strips will still run alongside others at happyjar.com, however this site will serve to collect them in one, easily accessible place. There will not be any set update schedule for Business Cat strips, they will simply run here at the same time as they hit the Happy Jar main page. Be sure to like The Adventures of Business Cat on Facebook and Twitter if you’d like to keep up to date with Business Cat exclusively.

In addition, shipping on all merchandise handled by society6 in the Happy Jar store will be free until March 9, 2014 at midnight Pacific Time. This includes Business Cat / Happy Jar logo t-shirts, phone cases and more.* You must use this link for the promotion to take effect.

*Offer excludes prints and throw pillows with insert.